Friday, February 16, 2018

The Post War European Trip Collection-Missouri

It's time to start another collection.  As a rule if I buy an envelope full of material related by theme, and if it's a mixture of photographs, postcards, and non photo ephemera, I'll post anything that started life in a camera here, and the non photos on my Fair Use blog.  This collection is related not just by theme, but it all originates from the same source, so it will all end up on The New Found Photography.  I've got postcards, some photographic, some pure illustration; I've got guide books, a passport pamphlet, a letter, and even a sketch.  So, why is the record of a European trip starting off in Missouri?  Well, our traveler had to start form somewhere.

Lake Tanycomo, short for Lake Tanny County, Missouri, is actually a reservoir on the White River in the Ozark Mountains.  It's near Branson, the country music and kitsch capitol of south central Missouri.  St. Louis, of course, needs no explanation.

Because there is a lot of material in this collection, it will get posted with more than a few interruptions, so, when things progress, The Post War European Trip Collection in labels will be helpful.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mariette Hartley and Arlene Dayton?

One would think, since I live in Los Angeles and work in the movies (albeit at a very low level), I'd have lots of Hollywood photos.  Not really.  The fact is they don't interest me all that much. I only have these two pictures because they were in one of those occasionally purchased envelopes of images that almost always have stuff I wouldn't have bought by themselves.

So, the woman on the left is Mariette Hartley, an actress that those of us of a certain age would recognize right away.  She did a lot of episodic television, the occasional movie, and most prominently, along with James Garner, was a long time pitch woman for Polaroid cameras. 

Look at the bottom of the two pictures and stage lights can be seen.  Clearly from a sound stage, probably from one of her many television appearances.  Going by the hair styles and clothing, I took a quick look at her IMDB page, searching for a possible match from about the late seventies through the eighties, but couldn't find an actual show.  As far as Arlene Dayton, her name is written on the back of the top print, but no one by that name  has an IMDB listing. 

Born in 1940, Hartley is still active.  She's had a recurring role in the Fox series 9-1-1. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Women and Bicycles

What can I say.  Anyone who gets around by bicycle is my kind of person. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Seal Hunt, Arctic Alaska

It's a bit grizzly, but it's also a great record of a disappearing way of life.  Nice photo, but everyone should take the time to check out Nanook of the North,  a silent documentary directed by Robert Flaherty.

So, back to the postcard, literally, on the back, "ART.2-ARCTIC ALASKA  Eskimo returning from a successful seal hunt on the Polar ice. PHOTO BY WILLIAM W. BACON."  Published by "ALASKA SCENIC POST CARDS J&H SALES, ANCHORAGE, ALASKA."  I couldn't find anything about the publisher, but I was able to dig up a bit of information on the photographer.

William W. Bacon III, donated his photographic archives to the University of Alaska, Anchorage.  The collection covers his complete photographic and film work from 1945-2004.  According to the brief bio on the University's website, he was born in 1926.  Since he was described as both a photographer and a documentary film maker, I also checked on IMDB where he was listed as having been born in 1927.  Neither site listed a date of death, so presumably, he's still alive and kicking.  Well, perhaops not kicking, but at least, in a well deserved retirement.

This card was never used.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Terry's Cafeteria

I love these old advertising postcards.  It reminds me of a time when people didn't eat at McDonald's because the damn things were so hard to find.  I admit it.  I made a huge mistake.  Fast food places were just beginning their strangle hold on fast and cheap meals when I was growing up, and back then, I was all for avoiding the local diners, with all their eccentricities in favor of the predictability of the posted menu.  I have to say, I'd love to find a chicken fried steak, a bowl of chili, or a piece of cream pie, all cooked from the cook's own personal recipe book, all served by a waitress who would have never offered to super size things for me.

So, I did run a search on Terry's Cafeteria, and I did find a Facebook page with that title, though absent pictures of the building, I suspect it's a nostalgia site as opposed to one operated by an existing restaurant.  I found an obituary for Cleo Terry, the owner of the cafeteria.  Born in 1919 in Knoxville, Iowa, died 2008, Delaware, Ohio.  A 1937 graduate of Piqua High School, he was a World War 2 veteran who served in the Normandy campaign.  He was a member of the Disabled Veterans of America, so he didn't come out of the war unscathed.  I couldn't find anything on when Terry's first opened it's doors, but it's a fairly safe bet it was after the war. 

This card was never mailed.  Captioned, "TERRY'S CAFETERIA, 105 E. Greene st., Piqua, Ohio 45356, 1/2 Mile from I-75, West on U.S. 36.  Seating Capacity 350.  Banquet and Party Rooms.  Phone (513) 778-0566   AAA Rated."

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Theater, The Theater

"Marilee" is the only thing written on the back of this print.  I did a search for any plays with that title and came up empty.  So, which of the three women in this photo is Marilee?  Obviously, I haven't a clue. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Here, There and Everywhere Collection-Not Twins of Any Kind

I have to admit, this is an incredibly common pose.   Anyway, this photo was mounted on a bit of album page, but since who ever tore it out didn't get a second picture I didn't see a need to show position(lower corner) on the page.

And, click on The Here There and Everywhere Collection in labels and all that.